What to Wear This Holi?


As the climate is getting hotter and we are moving to summer season the celebration of hues has arrived and without a moment to spare.

Yes, you are thinking right!! We are talking about the festival of Colors i.e. HOLI. Holi is the best time and festival to relax and entertain you in full colorful and joyful manner. 

Notwithstanding every festival brings a big issue with it than what to wear on it? As nowadays everyone is busy in clicking pictures and selfies its get very important for us to select the perfect and correct indian outfit for the festival so that we can get some amazing pictures with our friends and relatives.

So for all the Holi lovers out there, here is specially created Holi outfits for you so that you can select the best one for you.  So now it’s up to you whether you’re intending to get splashed in hues, or climate you’re to avoid them, either way, these looks are ensured to get eyeballs in the group! Check it out!!

White is the best color to wear in Holi as it absorbs all the colors in it and gives you a colorful and amazing look. Nothing is more comfortable than simple Indian kurta and leggings. Or you can for light churidar salwar kameez also.

You can try both kurti and leggings in white color or you can go for contrast bottoms with white kurti. It totally depends on that which pieces you happy to forfeit during Holi. Make sure you carry some cotton dupatta or stole with it so that you can get the desired desi look on Holi.

As Holi is the festival of colors so somehow it affects our body and clothes too. So here are some tips regarding this festival which will prove great help to you before you step out of your home to celebrate this festival.

a. Remember to put bunches of oil in your hair to make it less demanding to lose the holi hues later and anticipate harm to your hair. Preferably secure your hair in a braid, or a best bun or a handkerchief to shield them from getting chaotic.

b. Try not to play with compound hues, utilize natural gulaal rather to secure your skin, hair and eyes.

c. Wear great help undergarments to spare yourself from embarrassment. Likewise take care to wear/purchase great quality garments as the water makes some turn straightforward which is certainly not a decent look.

Celebrate this colorful festival with full enthusiasm and energy. If you want to discover the above outfits you can try our online store where you can get a variety of outfits and that too on great prices and best quality.

Check out and choose the most colorful outfit for yourself this year. Have a Happy and Cheerful Holi. HAPPY HOLI!!!


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